To infinity and beyond…

Posted: November 24, 2009 in Thoughtful thinking.

Well, it’s monday. Although give it another hour or so and it will be Tuesday. This Monday went ok. As good as they get. I did not get to everything I wanted to do today. But I don’t usually do that any day. You always seem to have too much to do in the waking hours of your life. You know, if you live ninety years, about a third of that time was spent sleeping. Not to say we don’t learn anything sleeping, but technically, would a person who has lived ninety years have the same knowledge and wisdom as a person who was awake every moment of their life for 60 years? Hm, that’s something to think about. A person who has the brains of a ninety year old would have to live around 130 years to receive a full 90 years worth of know-how. Interesting. Maybe people really aren’t that old.

So we have no life to waste do we? Life is shorter than we think, and that’s without risk calculated. Life is risky business. We devote our lives to whatever our passion is with the assumption that we are going to make it into tomorrow. Is it likely that we will? Yes, probably more than not. But still. There is a chance that something could go wrong. Are we wrong to plan for the future? I would say absolutely not. For plans that are foiled are better than no plans at all. When life is looked at from this point of view however, most of the plans that we have created seem somewhat, if not altogether shallow. I must run today so i feel better tomorrow. I must save this now to buy that tomorrow. I must buy this now and then pay for it tomorrow… When is tomorrow? Come to think of it, tomorrow never comes.

Instead we are trapped in a constant today. Oh sure, we look forward to stuff, but then Christmas comes and goes. Vacations don’t last long and weekends unfortunately must end. Maybe there is not tomorrow, wrap your mind around that! It doesn’t exist! We go about our lives believing that it is inevitable. “Tomorrow must come, of course it has to”, we say. But perhaps what exists is the hope of tomorrow. Our faith that the sun will do its thankless of job of rising again tomorrow morning. Truth is however, there is no guarantee that it will. (I apologize for my spelling. I try to keep it as neat as possible, but there is no spell check on this blog that I know of.)

What do we do with that? Is all vanity? Maybe. What i think we should do is plan ahead, but live life to the very fullest today. I know that people have said this many a time before, but if it means anything to be said one more time, it would be worth saying. We go about our lives moping about our jobs, stress, lives. Why are you complaining about your life? Heck, you only have to suffer through 2/3 of it anyways. Not to say that taking comfort in the encouragement of a friend is bad, but I think that sometimes we make it seem worse than it really is and exaggerate to either make our life sound a whole lot more exciting, or a whole lot more full. Think about it folks, we only get one life to live, about a third of that life is sleeping. What are we doing with the rest of our time? Is it change worthy material?

Everybody wants to be remembered. Everybody wants to be known. Who hasn’t dreamed of being a superhero, or villain? Who hasn’t put themselves in the spot of their favorite movie character that saves the day, or wins the trophy, or gets the girl? Ever been to a cemetery? What tombs draw your attention the most? At first glance it would be the huge, marble tombstones standing high and towering over the standard marble, or steel squares engraved with the name of a late loved one who was loved just as much as the marble tower person. Is it safe to assume that the person with a bigger tomb was a better person? Nothing could be further from the truth. But yet, when we leave the closely cropped grass of the cemetery, its Mr. Marble Tower’s name that will be stuck in our head the longest. Eventually though, he too will be forgotten, and even though his marble tower stands high, he still is six feet under, same as everyone else.

So is fame bought? Can fame be bought? I think so, yes. It is very temporary though. Fame lasts only as long as you are breathing. It is a legacy that we all wish to leave behind. But even legends are forgotten and their stories ruined. What is it inside of us that wishes to be more than what we are? Our spirit yearns for more. I can’t imagine how people survive thinking that we are some “accident” of nature. That we just poofed out of a billion years of cytoplasm goofing up its own DNA. But yet, we fight it. We strive to live life on our own and understand it without the help of our Creator. I’m talking to myself here as well. Instead of thinking about it, because it scares us, we push it out of our minds and focus on the material. This, that, that, and this. All promising to make you happy but leaving you empty.

God, I want to follow You in all my ways. Help me to live to the fullest. The life that You want me to live. I want to follow You, lead me by the hand. As much as I try I cannot do this on my own. And before I make any more mistakes, I want to stop while I am ahead and realize that You are all I need. Allow that to sink in God. It’s easy to say, but difficult to practice. Wipe away all doubt. Thank You for picking me up each time I stumbled. I desire, and crave the day when I can see You in all Your glory and be awed at the sight. I love You.


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