Excuse me, I know you just didn’t correct me.

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Thoughtful thinking.

I think I’m a pretty straightforward kinda guy. What you see is what you get. I’m not big on secrets or things that I purposefully keep from people to aggravate them or because I think it’s fun to be mysterious. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. When one isn’t open and transparent with those around them then they become shallow and withdrawn. People cannot relate or go deeper than a surface friendship with those who are completely hidden inside their shell. But before I stray way off subject, which I think has already happened a little bit, I’ll get down to the bottom of it. When one is honest, straightforward, and transparent it makes life a whole lot more simple.

Honesty is the building block of a great relationship. When we are transparent with one another we realize each others needs and can help one another with exactly what they are struggling with instead of guessing what they may need. The miscommunication and heartbreak that could be avoided if everybody was straight up would be immense. People would get along better, people would be less offended and probably more polite.

You see, honesty has become so dilluted today that it is almost passed off as rudeness, or being brash. If one is honest with somebody, they are instantly offended and caught off guard by being corrected or set in place by the truth. It’s almost as if people expect you to ignore their faults and mistakes as if nothing had ever happened. For some reason, any type of failure today is regarded as a weakness. And to acknowledge somebodies mistake or failure is to confirm that you did indeed notice it and are aware of their “weakness”. This causes emotional walls and blockers to go up, often times in the form of that person defending themselves by making excuses or judging the observer.

This entire problem is caused by lack of honesty. If everyone were to be honest, this problem would not exist because it wouldn’t be weird or offensive to point out somebodies mistake and perhaps give some constructive critisicm. In fact, it would be welcome. Thank you for your valuable advice. I’ll try it that way next time. Advice now days is seen as an insult to your intelligence and character. WHAT??? I know EXACTLY what I’m doing. I don’t need any of your help. It’s sad, and pathetic. 

Wrapping up, honesty is something that should run rampant in our daily life. We should use it in every opportunity we have but with discression and politeness. Be careful with portraying your honesty, use it as a tool not a weapon. Honesty now days is synonymous with critisism. That’s a shame. Being real with people is also the right thing to do. Because if your not being honest you’re lying about something. Something to think about.


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