“Hey God, well… I have a spot open Tuesday…”

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Thoughtful thinking.

You know, we have a lot of stuff. I don’t think we could count all of the actual possessions we have just within our house. Toys, magazines, t.v.’s, computers, video games, cellphones and the like all take up our daily lives. Funny thing is, we think it’s normal. I was in a place recently where people had next to nothing and yet more joy shined through their eyes than would imaginable in the place that they live in. You know why? Because they had something we don’t. They had nothing.

To have nothing and still have joy means that they are putting their faith in something. The joy we saw inside the churches was not material joy which is false, but genuine joy that comes from the heart. This joy is produced only by a complete faith, trust, and love for God who is their everything. These people had so little that God is their only real, dependable possession. And they treasure Him with all their hearts. God is the only one who cannot be taken away from them. No matter what disaster may befall. They know that their Heavenly Father will not fail. He is in control, and they know that He has a plan for their lives and can use them no matter how little earthly possessions they have.

Here in America God fills the gaps between our cellphones, cars, movies, computers, video games, and late nights out with our friends. We fit God into our schedule instead of Him being our schedule. This is so wrong. Today I was given a picture that blew me away.

When we die, which is inevitable, we will stand before our Lord and Saviour in all of His glory, power, and might. We will look into His eyes in awe. We will feel so insignificant that we will wonder why He would even take interest in us. But we will also feel so ashamed of the fact that we did not do ALL we could in our power to give Him all the glory, and praise at any available opportunity. Our possessions on earth will mean NOTHING. They will be gone. Forever. You won’t want them back. You will wonder and regret the reasons that you decided to put something else first in front of your awesome God.

The Bible says that life is like a vapor here on earth. It’s here, then gone. How foolish are we to be so self-centered that we constantly have to be instantly entertained or pleased. Long term rewards and goals are shot down and we refuse to plan ahead because of the work we have to do now. You reap what you sow. If we refuse to give God the time and respect He deserves, which should be all of our time and respect, then we will feel that much more ashamed and insignificant standing before Him completely helpless to block his gaze upon our failures.

God loves us yes. He loves us sooo much. Then why can’t we return the favor? It will never match his everlasting love. But it is what we are called to do. When we put other things before God we are saying that our time and our priorities are more important than quality time with Him. What are we thinking? Do we understand that one day we will look back and see the error of our ways. Are we prepared to face Him with the knowledge that we didn’t do everything we could to serve Him. I’m not. I don’t think anybody is.

I think of God creating the entire universe for our viewing pleasure and just thinking of how much we will love it. Then he looks down and wants to love us with all He has, and He wants our love back. But instead of looking at His marvelous works, we are texting our friends, instead of reaching out for His outstretched arms, we go on our computers for the surface comfort of an online friend. I can’t imagine how much this grieves His heart. It’s something that I have to work on too. I pray we all can see God closer and more intimately in the time to come.

  1. this is Awesome!! Continue to let God speak through you!! 😀

  2. Joshua says:

    I read a book recently that talked about this very thing.

    The conclusion was this:

    Do things always with God as the backdrop in your mind. Read books with Him. Watch a movie with Him. Don’t beat yourself up over using technology and comforts, but by the same token don’t let it become a hindrance either. But do everything with God. It’s an interesting concept that I’ve been doing more and more. Try it.

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