Our 3d surface world.

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Thoughtful thinking.

The sights, sounds, textures and smells of life are like a symphony of sensory music. It’s beautiful. I could not be in one place on earth that could outdo, out-draw, out-sound, out-feel anything that man has created to imitate it. No surround sound could fully capture the intensity of a Florida thunderstorm. No HD t.v. could properly render one of earth’s breathtaking sunsets. And no video game can even come close to real, human interaction. The beauty of God’s earth has been captured on many easels, papers, writings, and tapestries. But they are forever frozen. God’s universe is constantly changing to create new wonders but maintains stability in His order that He materialized at the dawn of time.

Our efforts to fabricate God’s creation does not stop at material things. We try to imitate love. The love that He created and perfected. We waste our time searching for something that does not exist but through One. It is a never-ending circle that constantly puts you in the place you started, leaves you searching for more, and tells you to complete the circle one more time because this time you may break free.

I look at others and I can see them on this treadmill. This circular reasoning that keeps them running until they wear out. How can people think that they are living for the ultimate purpose by the way they are? How could one live at all thinking that one is just a series of some billion years of goofed up cytoplasm DNA? That you are alone in the universe. That there is no one who understands you. That there is no plan. That there is only one thing for certain and that is death and what comes after is nothingness. How bleak, how hopeless of a situation do people put themselves in. Why would you want to believe that? And then to realize that your life has no greater purpose than finding surface love and comfort in others while you are here is a complete tragedy.

No wonder our thinking is so messed up. No wonder people don’t care. Because nothing matters. There are no truths, there is only what you think and what you see. Life is so shallow because it doesn’t go any deeper than that. There is no meaning. Only surface life and temporary pleasure. Then death. Then nothingness. Why even try?

We talked about marriage in a class today at school and the view on it is unimaginable to me. I think that marriage to most people now is completely un-sacred. A legal bond to tie the finances and property together but nothing more. Commitment is laughable. relationships today aren’t worth fighting over which side of the room to set the t.v. on. No matter, we’ll get a divorce and then I can put MY t.v. where I want. The people in my class literally did not see the difference between “living together” and marriage. In fact, more people were in favor of the non-committal way of living under the same roof then of marriage. I did not realize that it was so backwards.

We have turned into the minority. We are the weird ones now. It has been a fast slippery slope. Fifty years ago it was socially unexceptable to split a marriage. Now people are congratulated. So wrong. It took fifty years to get that far. What will happen in the next? I cannot imagine. We can only hope that somehow, we will put our feet down hard enough to quit being dragged backwards in lower mentality to rise up and hold the standard once again. Hold it high, and never back down. Because it is the slightest compromise that starts the fall. I don’t know about you, but I am not moving. I WILL stand. I WILL hold true to the values and the black and white truths that have already turned grey in this shallow world that people spin in. God does not change. Truth does not change. What is right always stays the same.


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