Philosophy Journal Entree Two. Metephysics. (Principles)

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Philosophical thinking.

We expect of each other that we practice what we preach; that is, that our behavior ought to be an extension of what we believe to be ultimately true. It is this idea of “ultimate truth” (first principles or metaphysics) that informs all philosophical argument. For instance, in ancient Greece Homer and Hesiod explained events by attributing them to the gods. Over the centuries others have offered many other explanations. While the answers vary, the question is universal: What is the essential nature of the world in which we live? It seems clear that before people can feel secure in their world view, they must orient themselves therein. That is, they must tentatively define what they believe to be the nature of the world (Metaphysics) so that they may develop a pattern of behavior (Ethics) which is the logical and practical consequence of those beliefs.

Since all the rest of your philosophy will extend from these first principles, WHAT, THEN. ARE YOUR BASIC METAPHYSICAL ASSUMPTIONS? (Do you believe that the universe is created and controlled by a divine personage with consciousness and plan? Is there an overriding principle of design [the force]? Is it orderly or chaotic, benevolent or malevolent? What role does human life play in the grand scheme of things?)

          (ANSWER)  I wouldn’t really call what I believe metaphysics as it is more plain and simple truth. The idea of metaphysics is that each person has their own. Everyone is raised inside a different environment, and therefore must have a different view on life. My “metaphysics” are built upon the principles found in the Bible and the example set by Jesus Christ. I believe what is in the Bible to be absolutely true. When absolute truth is discovered, it abolishes metaphysics. Because metaphysics are the man-made, ever-changing assumptions of what purpose we have in the universe. God’s Word tells us this and therefore leaves no other truth or option to be considered.

            So I guess to be put simply I would say that I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth. God gave man free will to worship Him freely because we love Him not because we are forced. God sent His Son, Jesus to die as a perfect sacrifice for everyone to be able to communicate openly with their Heavenly Father. I believe that God loves us more dearly than we can imagine. I also believe that there are things about the Lord which will never be fully understood because we cannot wrap our minds around it. I believe that God is just, but merciful. I believe that there is both a Heaven and a Hell. I believe that if one is not saved by believing, calling, and following Jesus’ name then they will be sent to the latter. But if one is faithful to God, then He will be faithful back by awarding one salvation and eternity with Him.

            Our purpose is to be completely in love with God. To have a personal relationship with The One who made the Milky Way for our viewing pleasure. Our purpose is to love others and to be a light to those around us by sharing with them our hope. This is the ultimate purpose. This is the ultimate goal. The world does not revolve around our existence. Our existence revolves around our Creator. The way we live should be in devotion to Him.


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