Lose no ground.

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Thoughtful thinking.

I have never seen something like this before. People who are so shaken in the tides of life. They are caught in the current and drowning. All of their struggling only makes the waves higher. They tread, grapple, choke, sputter and gasp as the water crashes down upon them again and again. The ones who cannot hold themselves up on their own accord drag those who may be stronger down with them in their panic stricken state. They don’t know why they are trapped in this endless tormented ocean, and they have faith in nothing except for the fact that one day their arms will no longer be able to tread the seas and they will be swallowed by the depths.

But God is our anchor. God is who we are tethered to. In the midst of the raging sea we have hope. We have a strong point to which we can tie ourselves and find assurance in the midst of catastrophe. Unmoving and unshakable, God is our refuge and our salvation. Without Him, we would surely drown.

But we drift. As the waves pound us unceasingly we grow weary of our tight grip to God so we are tempted to loosen our holds and give ourselves a tiny bit of slack. Little by little we start to float away as our life line to our Anchor gets longer. But as our distance from God lengthens, the intensity of the storms increases, and with so much slack in our lines that tie us to solid ground we start to sink, and struggle. The struggle gives way to more slack as it becomes harder and harder to maintain a firm grasp until we have drifted so far that we cannot discern ourselves from those who have no anchor altogether. We become part of the drowning masses without hope, and fear every wave that attempts to capsize us. We were meant to be the ones to help rescue those in need and save them from disaster. But how can we save when we need rescuing ourselves?

Today we fight and hold on with a tight grip to the line that holds us to God which is our relationship with Him. We resist today what will loosen our hold on the only thing that is saving us from certain annihilation. Today we struggle against odds that look so incredibly against our favor. Today, we will not drown. Today, we survive for tomorrow. For tomorrow the sun may shine, for tomorrow the storm may cease, for tomorrow the winds may stop. But if they don’t, then we will fight tomorrow as well for the day that they do. And we will live to see that day.

  1. Son of Nun says:

    What wondrous mysteries did God mix into the batter of life. Your question, “But how can we save when we need rescuing ourselves?” deserves a little thought. I do not some all-encompassing answer to offer. Sometimes just reflecting on the question is answer enough.

    Continuing in your analogy, it is hard to reach out to others around you while still holding on for dear life to your own anchor chain. So many pastors, missionaries, and ministers fall into sin because of the amount of time they spend reaching out to others instead of maintaining a strong relationship of their own.

    It is also true that when you extend help to someone, you become their savior, at least for a time. This is in direct contrast to God’s plan of being saved by the only Way, Truth, and Life. So what does He do? He allows us to be dragged under with the weight of the very victim we strove so hard to save. How hard it is to be Christ’s hands and feet without being Him as well.

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