These are the days…

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Thoughtful thinking.

This something I wrote when I had some free time between classes. I think it rings true.

“It is on days such as these that my heart soars. It’s when one sits in the shade on a sunny but blissfully warm day while the wind whips at your clothes and rattles the leaves above that I feel so at peace. It’s these days that I can sit and reflect upon the “problems” in my life that suddenly seem so incredibly distant. The answers are so clear. My actions that before seemed so murky and undecisive now burn vibrantly. It’s as if the wind brings inspiration from a far away land untainted by the dullness of ours. Life in its entirety is renewed and the joys of living it overwhelm the parts we’d rather forget.

As life around one goes by, it’s hard to think why nobody is constantly in awe and marveling at God’s creation as I am now. How could anyone pass today away as just another day; to not treat this precious moment as a jewel in history? Today will never happen again.” -Carl Jones, Late October 2010


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