And when the end comes…

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Thoughtful thinking.

There are those of you who believe that this is the end. There are those of you who believe that hope has been lost. There are those of you who believe that we will have no victory. But, there are those of you who stand nevertheless. Who, with this knowledge, march into the gates of hell with triumph on their lips. Who, despite every odd, every challenge, and every whisper of death press forward through the black that surrounds our every side. I speak for these.

I speak for those who know fear. I speak for those who have seen defeat. I speak for those who are weary, worn, and haggard from times past but defy the weakness that wraps itself around our souls. I speak for those lost. The ones who have fallen to our foes but by no means the lesser. On the contrary, greater are they who have given themselves to the cause that still burns like a fire within our hearts. Putting their very existence on the line with the trust that we would carry the banner they have passed on, they sacrificed.

And for this we cannot retreat. We have the deaths of a million weighing down on our conscience pleading us to continue so that their lives were not in vain. We have only one option, that is to press on. Press on we shall with the renewed vigor that one day we will pass the torch to our fellow brethren and they will die to do the same.

Fight, fight with the breath that you have left, let none be wasted. Fight, fight with the strength that comes from the void when all hope has left you. Fight, fight with your mind the thoughts of defeat, hopelessness, and fear.

Know this my friends, that whether we live to see it or not, this must end. A time will come when peace floods over the earth and swallows up the fear that eats away at our consciousness. A day will come when the grime and filth of this world fade into the nothingness where it originated. Our children, and our children’s children will see such a time. But this is ours, and our decisions today affect their world tomorrow. So let us rise and run towards the prize which we know is ours by right. Destiny has claimed it for us. It’s time we earn it.

Stand your ground, every step you make is earned by blood. Let it be known in history what happened here. Let the people say that we fought with reckless abandon. Let the people say that we held nothing back. Let the whole world know what we did so that the world will know who we are.


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