The Real Sixth Sense.

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Thoughtful thinking.

Ah, Bruce Willis, you do thrillers right. Only you could figure out someone’s supernatural talent of communicating with the deceased while being dead yourself but the whole time not knowing your dead. It takes talent, and really great script. But we aren’t here to talk about horror thrillers from the 90’s by a director whose every movie since then has epically failed are we? At least, we don’t think we are. Wait, who’s writing this blog anyways? Ahem…

I was thinking today. In the vast madness of my mind some chaotic pieces of ideas came together to form a thought, and this thought thought about how this thought was formed. Surprisingly, soon enough, it made sense. Sense? Like sense, or sense? Which one? Are they the same? I think that our minds/emotions/recognition of the world around us is a sixth sense. In a way, this sixth sense is just our other five all working together. Our consciousness we have is rooted in what we hear, feel, see, smell, and taste. But what takes that in and decides to what to do with it is what I’m talking about. The “thing” we use to file/categorize all of our other senses is, in a way, a sense of its own. And it’s kinda scary, because it happens so unconsciously. We don’t tangibly think about everything that is happening to us at every moment. Which means that something in our brain is subconsciously sending signals and reacting in minute ways to what our senses are picking up involuntarily. Perhaps not even physical movement, but how we feel/react/think in any environment.

Perhaps this (we’ll call it EVE for sci-fi purposes) EVE in our brains is simply an operation run by previous experiences in our past that are similar to a particular situation and files that information taken from our tangible senses into our subconscious where it is dealt with accordingly.

EVE is like a supercomputer that filters garbage information and eradicates it while screening for the stuff we really need. E. G. (My hand is on the hot stove, send to the “holy-crap-this-hurts department”). Our brains do this so automatically that we really can’t control what information we keep and what it sends us to remember. I’m talking about extremely small details that we are not aware consciously aware of but still is recorded by our EVE. E.G. (When coming your hair, exactly 27 hair follicles were pulled out unbeknownst, if only some of them, to you.)

A sense to control the senses is what I call EVE. A grand filer of minute proportions, or perhaps massive proportions. Either way one looks at it, it’s something to think about… if you can remember….

  1. Interested Reader says:

    Interesting thought. The brain records and reasons based on pre-existing information and experiences. In order to make sense (sense?) of something, it draws on previously made conclusions about already known enviroments and situations. In order to do so, the reasoning part of your brain, the frontal lobe, takes memories from your Hippocampus, looking for similarities, and decides how to react to something. In a way, you’re correct. Memories can contain images, smells, and sounds.
    Keep writing.

    • Hello! Thanks for reading! It’s gratifying to know that these blog pages aren’t just lost in cyber space.

      You seem to know a whole lot more than I do about the way our brain functions. I didn’t put any time looking into or researching the thought process. I just wrote down my immediate thoughts in their raw form even if slightly flawed. I think, however, that I like my writing better that way because it is unbiased from outside influence. What you said is very informative though, thanks for adding your two cents. I’m all for advice/correction/friendly comments after I’ve written an entry. Have a great day!

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