Happiness and Contentment

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Controversial Topics, Thoughtful thinking.

(March 10, 2011)

Is happiness in its purest form synonymous with contentment? I was thinking about Eternity last night and was pondering that when we get there, there will be no contentment, right? Hold on, before any stones are thrown, what is contentment? Is not being content the act of being satisfied with the possessions one has? I think that in Eternity, on the assumption that one goes to Heaven, we will have everything we need and not have to be “content” with the lack of what we do not have here on Earth. In other words, there will be nothing to block our happiness from reaching its fullest potential. I believe that the happiness we have here in our mortal lives goes only as far as one’s ability to be content. I think that pure contentment is achieved with pure happiness. When we have everything we need we will be truly happy and therefore completely content in our total happiness. It’s circular thinking in a good way. Our happiness is a product of our contentment which in turn produces more of the latter.

Please don’t get me wrong in saying that we will not be “content” in Heaven. I believe that we will have ultimate peace which is impossibly elusive as a physical being. But I think that it will be a different kind of contentment than we may experience on Earth. Rather than being content in the fact the we don’t have enough, we will be content in the fact that we have Everything. And in this, we will find pure, true happiness.

What do you think?! Speak your mind! I won’t be content until you do.

(March 12, 2011)

I suppose I’ll do a follow up since I’ve been thinking about this a bit more since I’ve written it. I should have probably been a little more specific about my definition of contentment. I believe that there WILL be contentment in Heaven. But it will be perfected contentment like I was describing in my last paragraph. The contentment of having all we could want rather than finding satisfaction in what we are limited to. Bottom line is that I think that happiness and contentment ARE nearly synonymous with each other in that our happiness is limited to the amount that we are content with our circumstances. The question now is, can we be perfectly content with what we do not have here on Earth? I would say no, but then, that’s just what I would say.

  1. Joshua says:

    Happiness= emotions based on relative circumstances. Contentment = joy regardless of circumstances. Therefore, they cannot be equaled, because one is relative and one is fixed. Happiness for the Christian is almost a moot point; I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible where we are called to be happy, in fact, you almost get the exact opposite impression. We are, however, called holiness and called to be joyful

    Will we be content in heaven? I’d hope so…but I think (and hope) that at that point we’ll be past these sort of things…if you think about it, there won’t be any hope or faith in heaven since heaven is…it. Heaven is the ultimate ratification of our wills, and our fulfillment as cognitive creatures.

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