First Impressions: The Flying Dog Cafe

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is my first review/impression summary. I have had the desire to put reviews on here of the things that I love because I enjoy talking about them and as I gain more knowledge, have a better ability to judge their qualities. What better place to start than a restaurant that I have never been to before? Understandably, it was my first time at this place and will therefore be less of a review and more of summary of what I observed.

The Flying Dog Cafe was discovered by me at school when I was searching for places of interest around my hometown (Bradenton, FL). I’m not one to impulsively go somewhere simply because I have not been there before and it would have probably slipped my mind and the thought fallen into oblivion had all the reviews (Google reviews) not been so outrageously positive. In fact, the only negative review was commented upon by the owner himself disclaiming it as a falsehood and personally guaranteeing one’s satisfaction during their stay. This was enough to warrant a visit over to the Flying Dog after I escaped my last class for the semester (yes!).

The cafe is located in a very subtle spot that one would not tend to look for a restaurant. I have been living here all my life and have driven past this building many times in the six years that it has been in operation and not one time did I ever discover this place. I missed the first entrance even when I was looking for it. Located about a mile east of 41 on Televast road in a warehouse-type building is the Flying Dog.

Upon approach, it didn’t look like much, but entering in one would find the decor very tastefully done with the exception of a few home-crafted children’s drawings tacked on varied walls. It had a mixture of a beach-aviation theme in a modern, coffee shop type atmosphere. It was clean, welcoming and casual. I was told to sit where I may and that someone would be with me shortly.

It did not take long to receive service although it was not very busy when I walked in, and it was cheerfully given. Not obligatory or rushed even though the server that was waiting upon me seemed to have plenty to do. I was the priority at the moment, which was nice. The sandwiches and salads were not cheap, but they weren’t expensive either. About the same that one would expect to pay at Panera, Crispers, Atlantic, and the like. The menu was full, but not extensive. Salads and sandwiches were the majority of items upon the ordering list. I believe they also had a limited selection of soup. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages were available. I ordered a “Dog Pound”, a cold sandwich with one’s choice of three meats and two cheeses for $8 that came with one side and a water.

About ten minutes later I received my food. The portions were surprisingly large. Working at a sandwich restaurant myself, I was impressed with the volume of food on my plate. It was good and filling. The side potato salad was small but I don’t know if I would have desired much more than they gave me anyways. As far as I know, the meat was Boar’s Head as portrayed by the restaurant’s flaunting of their signs every few square feet of wall. It was a large sandwich, I could just barely finish it. For me, the amount of food per dollar is extremely important. This place gives the best of both worlds. Not only did it taste good, but there was a whole bunch of it. I walked out full.

The entire meal plus service cost me just north of ten bucks. Not horrible, not amazingly economical either. If one is looking for an outstanding bargain then McDonald’s dollar menu might be your best bet. But if one wants a chillax place to well… chill, while munching on a great sandwich then this is the place to go. I’m going to put this on my list of possible future visits.

Also, there were a few things that I was not able to participate in. I don’t know the exact times but there is live music playing at certain periods of the week and a nice-sized stage for the players. This might interest those of you who enjoy such. And watch out for the hours of operation. Come around lunch and you’ll be fine but the later hours are a little wacky during certain days and you want to make sure you come when it’s open. Huzzah.

  1. Don says:

    Nice comments on one of my favorite spots. You can follow the entertainment schedule at

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