The Falling.

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Thoughtful thinking.

A query was sent to me by my cousin who think much like I do when it comes to this philosophical stuff. His question is posted below. And while I think he may have an answer for it already, I’m going to give it my best go!


How can ignorance be so rampant when knowledge is available now more so than any other time in history? How has the spirit of apathy gained such a strangle hold on our culture? Why are crass and debased thoughts and actions exalted? Why do we settle for cheap banalities? What will it take for our people to be roused from their stupor?

Where are the true artists who inspire mankind to stretch, reach higher and be nobler in spirit and action? Must we always consume the mundane? Who are the great philosophers and warrior poets of our age? Have we become numb to reality? Has our lives of comfort and ease blinded us?

We have deluded ourselves with thoughts of security. The world has been perilous since the fall. Our ancestors knew that each moment of life was precious because they were so well acquainted with death, for disease, famine and war were common place.
Deep down we feel the wrongness of the world. We feel as though we should be more than we are. It’s as though we are pale reflections or a shadows of what we should be.

*Carlthefollower’s response*

Oh boy! What an awesome bunch of great questions! I’ve had these for a little while now but haven’t had the time to write about them due to the effort I have to devote thinking about them. Alright, I can already see an idea forming. So let’s try to put this down on paper. Here goes!

An object that has movement will be more likely to move. It’s called inertia! I believe that the same principle applies here. Ever since The Fall, people have been separated from God in a way that He did not originally intend. Due to this separation, we are vulnerable to sin. More than vulnerable, we are attacked by the Enemy who does his best to make us stumble every day. He has been given a playground on the Earth to bombard us with threats, lies, and death due to Man’s fall way back in the Garden of Eden. I think that when Adam ate the fruit and sealed the fate of the world, he not only fell, but started a domino effect that has gained momentum through time. Adam did not fall, he began the Falling.

It is our job to fight against the backwards inertia. It’s up to us to walk against the tide and push against the winds that are against us. It’s why it is so easy to sin, why it is so simple for some to blur the lines between good and evil if it suits their purposes. The whole of known time fights against our Truth to do what is right. As the world continues to age and “advance”, the epitome of reasoning and enlightenment becomes lower and lower on a moral standard. As the world gets worse, the fight becomes harder.

I like to think of it on a line scale. Imagine with me that God is on one end of the spectrum and whatever else is on the other end. Obviously, God in all His glory and power is unobtainable, but we must strive to be more and more like His example. Now look at the other end, whatever is further away from God is less like Him and therefore closer to His opposite. When people try to find their answer in places other than God, they are working towards the opposite end of the spectrum. Whether it is science, religion, enlightenment, atheism, or whatever, the epitome of human reasoning no matter what the type, is running away from God in the other direction.

It’s an outrageous tug-of-war battle we are having with the world in our lives. And with the slippery-slope falling faster and faster into oblivion, the majority mindset of the population becomes even more corrupted. The “leaders, poets, philosophers, and artists” of our age are on the front lines of the march downwards. They are the leading edge of the path against the Truth. Crass, debased thoughts and actions are praised because they are mimicking what the world believes to be the top of our philosophy. What they do not realize is that they could not be further from the Truth. Unless of course, they keep on falling and continue down the path that they think is leading towards the ultimate way of thinking and acting which is ironically leading to God’s polar opposite.

The knowledge that is so abundant is many times full of the very lies that we want to avoid. Why do we wonder why there is so much crime, death, and evil in the world when “free thinking” and no moral absolutes are being taught even in early child development in school and in the home? We are teaching our future leaders to destroy themselves.

There are so many ways from Christ and the right side of the spectrum. Unfortunately, when people don’t want to follow that one way, any other path they choose will destroy them and help bring the morality of the world down with it. Why do we feel like pale shadows of what we should be? Because it’s what we are. And the further that people search in vain for answers that are not there, the paler they become. Switchfoot put it great in one of my favorites: “We were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves? Somewhere we live inside.” We ARE yearning for something more and being God’s creation. We know that far inside, no matter how deep, the way is not to be found in any of our own knowledge, wisdom, our findings. But in something more, that is God.

  1. Anonymous says:

    My thought is … God is not a singular omnipotent being that threatens to send you to hell for you’re sins , yet tells you He loves you unconditionally —– God is more like an all encompassing and intertwining energy that all living creatures ( plant and animal ) share with each other … and that love is the binding force of that energy —– its is up to those of us ” intelligent ” creatures to facilitate that love energy for the benefit and good of all —– all we have to do is be aware of it , tap into it , and use it to the best of our abilities … for the greater good .

    Unfortunately the righteous vision and teachings of the few are greatly out weighed by the downward spiral of today’s narcissistic thinking and practices .
    My hope and prayer is that all of humanity will figure out how to live peacefully with itself and each other , before it’s current downfall leads to it’s ultimate demise —–

    • Hm, interesting thought! Thanks for reading and replying! 🙂

      I agree with some of what you said! The fact that righteousness is being overshadowed by falsehoods is one! And also that loving others as one’s self is pretty much what everything comes down to. But I do believe that God is a being. Perhaps not in the way we think or know, and “being” may be the wrong term altogether but it’s the best one I could think of. Like you, I believe He is omnipotent and all-knowing. I don’t think we “tap” into God but that we know God on a personal level and that it’s His desire to receive our love for Him. It’s the reason He created us after all. 🙂

      Once again, thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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