Posted: August 14, 2011 in Thoughtful thinking.

I was reading about humility today. I find myself needing lessons in this more than I should. Humility is not a great friends of mine, at least, not sincere humility. The humility that I can portray at times is less real, genuine humbleness and more reserve for fear of looking prideful. This causes an interesting phenomenon. In my efforts to appear humble and avoiding arrogance I succeed and therefore make myself more arrogant in my success. Building a reputations as a humble person is a dangerous line to walk. But even being recognized as humble almost defeats the purpose in the first place because should a really humble person be recognized at all? Hm?

For those of you who know me, humility might not be the first thing to come across one’s mind after meeting me. As I get older and (hopefully I’m getting wiser) I see that most of what I do is self-focused. Not always bad, only if always done. Even in treating other people, I found that some of my actions all had purposes that would, even if there was a chance, affect me positively in the end. There was and is an ulterior motive in most of what I do to benefit me. Now I wasn’t always consciously thinking about it, and there were many times of sincere charity in my actions. But looking back shocked me of how many times I did something to bring about my own success with the disguise of giving. You crafty boy, you.

Reading over humility in the Bible I discovered something. We can build ourselves up all we want, but it’s never very high. We can slave away and hold on to our pride keeping the status-quo of what our “social status” is. We can build our own castles of arrogance but they will only reach so high and their foundations are shaky. We can place our trust in our rickety fortress of false confidence and hide all of our security in that. It’s what we do. We trust the castle we build for ourselves. We know the face we’ve made, it’s familiar and safe. The cocky, arrogant Carl is much easier to maintain than the real one. It’s easy to be prideful, it takes courage to be humble. The lower we make ourselves, the higher God builds us. And God’s foundation is deep so He can build us as high as He wishes. (Not as high as we wish.) The goal is to humble ourselves so much that our foundation of false pride is removed to put our roots in God’s footing so that we are secure in Him. To be on the same page as God and take pride in the fact that we are His and we a part of His actions.

Humility makes serving God infinitely easier as well. It’s the flexibility which He is able to mold us. It’s the oil in the engine that makes things run smoothly and without friction. How could God use a prideful person to perform His will? They would bend and break due to the pressure that serving God can create. Humility is what God looks for because they are never too high to do God’s bidding. They are above nothing and will therefore serve God to the ends of the earth no matter where or what He has called them to do.

Something to think about. God also hears the humble’s cries. He would much rather help someone who is humble in their situation than someone who asks for help but then scoffs at how long it’s taking, the way He’s helping, or the effort He is asking to us give. I would too.

Some of the verses that I was reading which gave me these thoughts.

Psalm 10:17, 25:9, 147:6. Romans 12:16. James 4:10.


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