Who are we?

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Thoughtful thinking.

God is SO good! He continues to blow my mind in the ways that He comforts and holds our hearts! There are no words that could appropriately describe the joy and peace which He washes over us with His perfect timing. I cannot imagine, cannot think about, and cannot fathom falling away from my Creator Whose love wraps me in its splendor. The beauty and majesty of His glory, the Truth, and the message that He has given to us and for us to share is incomprehensible. The promises that are given us are amazing. The hope that we have is unsurpassable. His mercy is mind-boggling. How could One so powerful, so holy, so just, love with a fervent, unconditional love something as flawed and as imperfect as us? It is inexplainable. It cannot be touched with our minds the vastness of God’s reasoning and timeless design. Who are we? Who are we? Who are we?

The right that we are given to praise, to worship, to fall before our Master is a right that should not be ours. In the chaos, God saw something in us that was worth loving. I want to know, I crave the answer to why He loves us the way He does. It should not be. And to think that He does all this not out of obligation, not out of holy duty, but because He simply loves. Not only that, but He cares as well. From every lost soul to every tear shed there is nothing that escapes the notice of God. Just as He molded the earth, He weaves the very fabric of existence into being and puts every perfect bit of care into every strand of fiber. Not a breath is taken without God’s touch.

God is big enough for us to rediscover every day. The endless facets of His character could each take a lifetime of devotion to appreciate. One day, we will be exposed to the raw glory of Himself. With every facet of God revealed, we will be overwhelmed. Speechless. Awestruck. Utterly lost in the beauty of Him. I cannot imagine.

Oh, if only we could comprehend. If only we knew what we had in store. If only we could see. Until then, we live, we watch, and we wait for the endless tranquility that will envelope our souls.

“I can see light that is coming for the heart that holds on.

I can see an end to these troubles, but until that day comes.

Still I will paraise You, still I will praise You.”


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