Day to day

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Thoughtful thinking.

You know, more than going extremely tough circumstances, I believe that sometimes the hardest things in life are living from the day to day. Not knowing when things are going to change or if life will ever divert from its monotonous course is a daunting thing indeed. And sometimes, the thought of something never changing scares us more than the unknown when something does.

It takes a great amount of fortitude to wait for nothing. Especially if the current circumstance that one is in is unfavorable or painful. I have never had the horrible misfortune of losing someone as close as a brother, sister, or best friend, but I can imagine the pain from such loss must be seen as something that can never go away. But we can do nothing but wait, and the pain seems to grow greater each day as the memory reaches and sinks in further into your mind. We find ourselves coping with time itself and feel like we are in a race against it. If only somehow we could skip to when the pain is over and still keep the disposition and cheerfulness and joy that we have now because each and every day that passes seems like sandpaper against your will.

But it’s the sandpaper that smooths us. The daily friction of our clash with reality shapes and morphs us into the people we are and it’s up to us to make it for better or for worse. Do we let God use what hurts to help us learn and make us stronger? Or do we keep licking our wounds so that they never heal. There are times when it seems that we cannot help but think about our situation and our troubles, but time has a way of ending, and as long as we are willing to believe and fight for what is good, it will eventually be washed away.

We crave peace, we crave to just lean our heads back and rest without any sort of stress or discomfort upon our minds of some distant thing or problem. And we believe that the cause for all of our anguish is that the problem exists. That is what is easiest to think, and is what the Enemy would have you believe for the rest of your life so that you have to be chained to your misery. Truth is, problems will exist. For the remainder of your existence here on this flawed Earth, you will never see perfection in all aspects of your life. But it does not matter. Because true peace does not come from having a lack of problems, that’s called a fairytale. Peace comes from having problems, but yet trusting. believing, and fighting despite it all. Peace is what you feel in the middle of a storm, not when there is none. Because if one is not inside a storm, then there is one brewing. Such is life. There is always a problem around the bend. But it’s up to us to say, “You know what, no matter what the problem, the failure, the fear is, I will remain true to myself by putting my faith in Him who is above all problems put together.”

This isn’t negativity, or me being narcissistic. This is reality. What we normal humans have to live through and tolerate each day. We don’t like to talk about it, and we have set up an amazing way of avoiding it. But one way or another, sometimes things happen to someone who may or may not “deserve” it, however we calculate that, and we have to deal with it. It’s not bad, per say, it just is. But it REALLY helps that we know what to do when the time comes.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I haven’t always done my homework when it comes to facing life’s hurdles because I haven’t had many personally. It amazed me how quickly over the past few months when I have been gaining my independence from my parent’s home and covering, and am looking toward providing for a family of my own that fear can invade one’s thoughts, life and really put a cloud over life that I have never expected. Over the silliest things! But there they are nonetheless.

We have to be careful because if we don’t always have our eyes on God and his faithfulness, keep His Word, and ground ourselves in His Peace we begin to lose our identity in Christ. One day we wake up and are afraid, or see what we are without Him and begin down a path that is not meant for anyone to travel. God is our strength. Without him, we are alone, weak, and left to try to fight off the thoughts, plans, and attacks of Satan on our own. Every time we try to get back up, he slams us down again and grinds us down into the muck and mud. Just one moment ago, we were living on the highest mountain, being shown by God the wonders of his creation, now we are crawling on our hands and knees in the slime, mud and ooze, and being beaten by Satan’s worries, doubts, and fears while we try to escape the pit. It happens so quickly, and yet, we know it’s coming.

But there is hope. There always is hope. His light, His love remains constant and He never loves us any less for an instant. This is the reality that we must hold on so tightly to while we are being tossed about by the seemingly endless waves and winds.

Know this, that every good thing is from your Heavenly Father. He bestows His goodness upon you and all things that are negative, all things that are evil, are not things being dropped on you by Him, but rather are a fallout effect of living in this imperfect, flawed world with our sinful nature that we must fight against. But what seems so incredibly real down here, is actually the figment that is most fleeting. Our lives are a whisper in the symphony of eternity and we emphasize the notes of our tiny breath. Should we not be holding, and waiting in earnest for the grand sounds to come so we can add to the glorious music forever. We waste so much time trying to squeak out importance in this marble-sized world. Our real significance is yet to come. Think grander.

Be encouraged, you who are weary. Stay strong, those who are weak. God makes first those who are last, lifts up the humble and brings strength to the weak. Stop focusing upon your worries, doubts, stresses, and fears. Because it reaps only more. Look to God! Look to Him! He is waiting to capture you and free you!

I sincerely hope that those reading this find that the best way to win a battle is to surrender first. But surrender to God. Lay down your weary sword, tired warrior, put down your exhausted guard. And let the One whose strength is more than enough lift you up to the highest places and stay you there.

  1. Josh Payne says:


    It is great to hear from you again. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you. If you have the chance, check Scott Krippayne’s song “The Best is Yet to Come.” Thank you for your words of truth.

    Ever your friend,

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