Scared Senseless

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Thoughtful thinking.
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We all are afraid of something. There’s nobody who can go without something that is concerning them. Something that furrows their brow, or makes their palms sweat. There is fear in all of our lives whether or not we like to think about it.

Some of it is good! But when does a little bit of healthy fear turn into something that is dangerous. It’s when it begins to affect one’s judgement. It’s when we are willing to give up more than fear is worth to fear less. It’s when we are altering other’s lives to give ourselves comfort. It’s when we sacrifice and accept security over freedom.

Fear is the fog that shrouds wisdom and clear judgement. It is what makes rash decisions and does not listen to reason. It’s the motive behind every hasty accusation.

Life is scary sometimes. Freedom is scary sometimes. But it’s the price to pay for making one’s own way. Interestingly enough, once one has blazed their own path and faced their fears, the only thing that one really worries about is loosing all that they have built to those who are either too lazy or too scared to do it themselves. But one has to face that fear too, and fight for it, like they have for everything else.


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