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Posted: July 6, 2013 in WIKId Facts

I haven’t really devoted myself to any sort of consistent blogging and just kind of update my blog whenever I get inspired… But I thought that I would really try to start a new series every day. Something short and interesting to read in about five minutes. My idea was to write about an item, idea, or fact from one of the webs many Wiki sites and post it here on my blog. Sort of like an interesting fact of the day. I realize that Wiki articles and definitions aren’t always of the most accurate nature… But that’s part of the fun, ya? Anywho, this is more of an exercise for me than it is for someone to read this and brag about all the new knowledge they’ve obtained. But let’s give it a go and see if we can’t learn at least a little something in the process!

WIKId Fact of the Day!

An Arborist is someone who studies, cares for, or is involved in the business of pretty much anything that involves leaves and wood. Ironically, one can apply the term to someone who saves trees for a living, or cuts them down. A more casual term for an Arborist is “tree surgeon” which tends to lean towards the cutting side of the word. There are a ridiculous amount of sub-titles too that all fall under the word. From logging to preservation, anyone who has anything to do with trees for a living could technically label themselves an Arborist. Not an Arsonist, mind you, who would pride himself in a large forest fire, which Arborist would then come in to try to stop.


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