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I had an interesting thought tonight. It was this. What if the world came to an end as we know it tomorrow? What if some huge political catastrophe went down and the leaders and governments of the world were to suddenly collapse? What would it take to survive and how would you work it out for you and your family? Priorities would rapidly shift and things very valuable now would suddenly turn utterly useless. In fact, it would be polar opposites. Things like paper money, jewels, and other things immediately thought of as being very valuable would be completely worthless in a world without a economy. The things that would be priceless are the things that we take advantage of know. Electricity, water, food, gas, and heat. 

The need for jobs would turn into the need for self-sustenance. The social flip would be catastrophic and those with a lot of education would suddenly be wondering how their desk job could help them grow food in their backyard. The learning curve would be swift and brutal. I can imagine that those people who we call “nuts” now preparing for the apocalypse would be having a grand time telling everyone, “I told you so,” while guarding their property with thousands of rounds of stockpiled ammunition meant for a zombie attack. 

But would it not also be liberating in a way? To fend for yourself? To owe no debts but the responsibility to keep you and your family alive and safe? To say, “I built this house with my own hands.” To eat, drink, and sleep of your own labor and handiwork. I can imagine that, given a little time, there would pride in people’s way of life again. People would begin to reach out more and help their neighbors in need. They would respect another man’s time, efforts, and abilities because they know the value of hard work. 

I think that in a way, a refresh button might just be what many people need. Something to remind them that life isn’t something that is to be given to you. You have to earn it. And in a world now where people work for the weekends, night life, and are constantly expecting more for less, they have forgotten what it means to earn their living. Instead, many have accepted the chance to mooch off others who do know what it means to do an honest day’s work.

What kind of survival instincts do you have? What traits, skills, abilities, or things would keep you alive if the world were to crash tomorrow?